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A Single Source of Truth

The good news: Trademark fees can be found everywhere. IP management systems have them, PTO websites have them, and associates and service providers also have them. The bad news: Trademark fees can be found in a number of places. Forcing you to keep track of a number of changing and sometimes contradictory fee details. We simplify things by combining everything into an easy-to-use, regularly updated repository.

Trademark Fees - Updated Weekly

Accurate forecasts and budgets require up-to-date fees. We monitor PTO websites and newsletters for updates and leverage our network of international associates to stay on top of important fee-related changes. Fees change regularly, so we follow a weekly update schedule and deploy updates each weekend to ensure you always have the most current fees.

What's Consistent in IP? Nothing

Our fee engine incorporates a number of configuration tools that allow you to override our default fees or add your own. Easily add costs that apply globally, or fine-tune specific costs by jurisdiction or associate. Custom fees can also be leveraged during the invoice review process, allowing you to benchmark your patent or trademark agent fees against market rates.

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