IP Invoice Control: Not Just For Companies


As we mentioned last week, we’ve started monitoring quite a few more IP invoices from law firms. Most of our corporate clients focus on annuities, but with firms, it’s across the board and covers nearly every IP service. So, this week, we thought we would dig into what’s going on. Changing Attitudes About IP Invoice […]

Q4 Patent Annuity Invoice Review Results Are In!


4th quarter patent annuity invoice reviews are largely done. So far this quarter, we’ve analyzed the equivalent of 40 million US dollars of invoices (we have EU and US clients), so we thought we’d compile and share some of our findings. Let’s take a look! Average FX Rates Are Still High There’s been a significant […]

Navigating the Upcoming Canadian Patent and Trademark Fee Increase


If you’re an IP owner with Canadian IP rights, you should (hopefully) know about the patent and trademark fee increase coming in January 2024. There’s not much you can do to stop the increase, but with a couple of months until the change takes effect, you have some options to save money.  We look at […]

Patent Annuity Vendor Selection Best Practices


We’re working with a number of companies who are switching or preparing to switch patent annuity providers, so this weekend,  we thought we’d compile our top 5 recommendations for any organization preparing for this journey.  1. Make sure you understand today’s patent annuity commercial models A lot has changed in the patent annuity industry in […]

The Value of Patent Annuity Currency Caps


“How much can we get back?” We often get this question when organizations ask us to analyze their patent annuity or trademark renewal invoices. We start to really get this question when clients see that they are being charged a 20 or 30 percent currency premium above bank rates. And with very few exceptions, our […]

4th Quarter Patent Annuity Currency Outlook


Fourth-quarter patent annuity invoices are only a couple of weeks away! There’s been a lot going on in the world since you received your Q3 invoices at the end of May, so we thought we’d give you a preview of how currency fluctuations could impact your Q4 invoice.   The standard disclaimers are in order: Q4 […]

Top 5 Tips For Spot Checking Patent Annuity Invoices


Fourth-quarter patent annuity invoices will be arriving at the beginning of September.  For most organizations, auditing an annuity invoice can seem like an impossible task, so we’ve put together a quick guide to help you get started.   Tip # 1: Keep It Simple Your goal should be to spend the minimum possible time searching for […]

Want to be a Patent Annuity Cost Superhero?


Fourth-quarter patent annuity invoices will be arriving in one month. Most organizations just pass the invoice along for payment – but you can be different. Use these five free tips to gain the superpower to identify tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands in dollars or euros of excess charges. It’s not as cool […]

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