IP Forecaster vs Global IP Estimator

IP Forecaster - The Modern Alternative to Global IP Estimator

Discover why firms are switching to IP Forecaster

Why Firms Love IP Forecaster

IP Forecaster is a powerful Global IP Estimator alternative for firms that want a modern approach to forecasting at an affordable price. 

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1) One fixed fee, no long-term contracts

We keep it simple. One subscription fee gives you unlimited forecasts for unlimited users. There are no forecast limits, no long-term contracts, and no hassles. 

We also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee that gives you a pro-rated refund if you find something better or we don’t meet your expectations.  


2) Easily make it yours

Every firm has unique clients, billing arrangements, and workflows. IP forecaster makes it easy to configure the system to your needs. 

Our modern, easy-to-use configuration engine makes setting up the most complex firm requirements a breeze. 

Easily manage multiple associate fee schedules per jurisdiction and select the right firm based on your needs.  



3) Go beyond forecasts

With IP Forecaster, you get a complete IP fee management platform that delivers more than just forecasts. 

Quickly look up fees from PTOs around the world, estimate translation costs or convert currencies – all without running a forecast. 



4) IP costs are all we do

We don’t do IP services or sell IP Management Systems. Our sole focus is creating IP cost solutions for firms and companies. 

We release product updates every Sunday and launch more IP-cost-focused features in a month than other vendors release in a year. 

Comparison - IP Forecaster vs Global IP Estimator

There aren’t a lot of choices when it comes to IP cost forecasting. For most firms, the decision comes down to Global IP Estimator vs IP Forecaster.

Both products offer an extensive set of capabilities with unique areas of focus that will appeal to different firms. Below is a high-level comparison to help you compare against your requirements.

Global IP Estimator product information is available at https://www.quantifyip.com/

Global IP Estimator and IP Forecaster

IP Forecaster and Global IP Estimator have very different pricing models. Global IP Estimator is available through a tiered subscription model, and IP Forecaster is available for a single annual subscription fee. IP Forecaster’s pricing for unlimited forecasts is comparable to Global IP Estimator’s Gold Pricing, which is limited to 150 estimates. Pricing details are below.

IP Forecaster

IP Forecaster clients pay an annual subscription fee, which includes unlimited forecasts for unlimited users. There are no tiers or per-forecast fees. Our standard subscription term is one year. 

Package # of Annual Estimates Price (USD)
IP Forecaster

Global IP Estimator

Global IP Estimator clients pay per estimate and can purchase blocks of estimates via annual subscriptions. Unused estimates expire at the end of each year. All packages offer unlimited users. Global IP Estimator Pricing is available on their website here.

Package # of Annual Estimates Price (USD)
Up to 25
Up to 75
Up to 150
Up to 300

Global IP Estimator and IP Forecaster
IP Coverage

IP Forecaster and Global IP Estimator both cover patent and trademark costs, but Global IP Estimator currently has the edge in overall content. The most noticeable difference is Global IP Estimator’s coverage of designs, agreements, and utility models, which are on IP Forecaster’s roadmap, but currently not offered. 

Coverage/Content/Procedures IP Forecaster Global IP Estimator
Patent Coverage
156 Jurisdictions
182 Jurisdictions
Trademark Coverage
147 Jurisdictions
201 Jurisdictions
Design Coverage
Available April 2024
155 Jurisdictions
No Current Plans for Support
Supported, Coverage not Published
Utility Models
Available Q2 2024
84 Jurisdictions
Fee Updates
Treaties and Authorities Supported

Global IP Estimator and IP Forecaster
Configuration and Integration

IP Forecaster and Global IP Estimator take very different fee configuration and integration approaches. IP Forecaster enables firms to create and apply an unlimited number of specific associate and client fee schedules to different forecasting scenarios, whereas Global IP Estimator focuses on configuration at the global, jurisdiction, or estimate level.

With integration, IP Forecaster takes an open approach, providing APIs and an Excel import tool that can work with any IPMS. Global IP Estimator has fewer integration options but does offer integration with PATTSY WAVE®, a leading IP Management System. 

Configuration/Integration IP Forecaster Global IP Estimator
Associate Fee Schedule Management
Unlimited Associate Fees Per Jurisdiction
Single Associate Fee Per Jurisdiction
Client Fee Schedule Management
Unlimited Client Fee Schedules
Not Available
Client-Specific Discounts
IP Type, Task and Phase-Level Discounts
Not Available
Translation Cost Customization
Fully Supported
Fully Supported
Application Language Support
All Languages
English Only
Fee Adjustment at Time of Estimate
Fully Supported
Fully Supported
Pattsy Wave Integration
Via Excel Import
Direct Integration
Excel Portfolio Import
Fully Supported
Not Available
Single and Multi-Country Forecast API
Not Available

Global IP Estimator and IP Forecaster
IP Cost Tools

IP Forecaster is part of the Prokurio IP Cost Platform, giving users access to additional IP-cost-focused tools. Global IP Estimator focuses strictly on estimations, providing few additional tools to its users. 

Function/Use IP Forecaster Global IP Estimator
Filing Route Cost Comparisons
Route Finder Utility
Not Available
Translation Cost Comparisons
Translation Optimizer
Not Available
Historic or Current FX Rates
Exchange Rate Tool
Not Available
Global PTO Fees
Easy Access to All Fees
Limited Functionality
Benchmark Associate Fees
Easily Find and Customize Associate Fees
Basic Functionality

The Bottom Line:
IP Forecaster vs Global IP Estimator

Why Firms Choose IP Forecaster

IP Forecaster is a new entrant to the market, designed to deliver an improved user experience and a new perspective on IP cost forecasting. IP Forecaster’s next-generation platform will resonate with firms interested in modernizing their approach to IP cost management. 

A comprehensive set of associate and client fee schedule configuration tools will appeal to firms with a complex network of international associates. 

Multiple APIs and import options make IP Forecaster a great choice for firms with advanced integration plans. 

IP Forecaster’s all-inclusive subscription pricing makes it attractive for cost-conscious firms and its refund policy is client-friendly. 

Why Firms Choose Global IP Estimator

Global IP Estimator has been a highly-regarded, stable solution for decades and is owned by Anaqua, one of the world’s largest IP software and service vendors. This makes Global IP Estimator an excellent choice for firms that are cautious about adopting newer technologies.

With coverage for designs and utility models, Global IP Estimator will appeal to firms needing estimates beyond patents and trademarks. 

Global IP Estimator’s integration with PATTSY WAVE® also makes it a compelling option for clients on that platform.

Global IP Estimator’s tiered and per-estimate pricing model allows firms with infrequent forecasting needs to cost justify a forecasting solution.

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