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One of our guiding principles supporting this goal is our commitment to transparency – which extends to letting you know what we’re working on and what’s coming.


Note: The following is shared to highlight some of our current product plans, but like everything in life, plans can change.
We are sharing this for informational purposes and not as a binding commitment.
The timing and sequence of features may shift as other priorities emerge.

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Product Roadmap Last Updated: Jan 12, 2024
We release new features each Week – check back regularly to see what’s next

IP Forecaster: PCT Improvements

Firms do a lot of PCT forecasts, so we are adding many new features that will make forecasts easier to create and more accurate. We are also integrating public data, eliminating the need to key in PCT application details. 

PCT Offices Screen shot

Strategic Planner: Planner Workbench

With this initiative, we are adding a number of tools to our strategic planner workbench. Over the next several months, you will see new visualization, collaboration, and strategic planning tools. This product is going to be the “go-to” solution for anyone struggling to put together portfolio budgets. 

strategic planner screen shot

IP Invoice Review: AI-Assisted Invoice Processing

We are incorporating our AI-assisted invoice processing capabilities throughout the platform. Want to validate costs from an international associate invoice against their billing arrangements and forecast – we’re going to make it possible. 


IP Forecaster: Translation Improvements

We still have some work to do with translations to improve the connection between law firm costs, translation costs, and PTO fees. This project brings it all together and also makes it easy for anyone (firm or company) to manage their translation costs, whether they use a commercial vendor or law firm (or both). 

Translation Costs

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