June Currency Summary


Currency costs can be a substantial portion of international intellectual property service charges. We’re showcasing the Euro and Dollar this week to update you on these changing costs. Stay tuned for our June currency deep dives next week!

June Currency Update: Increased Cost of EUR for USD-Invoiced Clients

High: 1.09774 (June 22)  Low: 1.0699 (June 7)  Avg: 1.0834

Costs for the Euro increased slightly throughout June for USD-invoiced clients. On June 1st, the EUR/USD bank rate was 1.07183; on the 29th, it closed at 1.08914. To put this in perspective, below is what a USD-invoiced client would have paid* for a 10th-year German patent annuity (430 EUR) at the beginning of the month versus the end.


Bank Rate

3% Cost

5% Cost

10% Cost

15% Cost

20% Cost

June 1 (USD)







June 29 (USD)







June Currency Update: Decreased Cost of USD for EUR-Invoiced Clients

High: 0.934668 (June 7)  Low: 0.910966 (June 22)  Avg: 0.923094

The cost of the US dollar decreased slightly throughout June for EUR-invoiced clients. On June 1st, the USD/EUR bank rate was 0.932988; on the 29th, it closed at 0.918156. To put that in perspective, below is what a EUR-invoiced client would have paid* for a 7.5-year United States patent annuity (3,760 USD) on June 1st versus the 29th.

DateBank Rate3% Cost5% Cost10% Cost15% Cost20% Cost
June 1 (EUR)350836133683385940344210
June 29 (EUR)345235563625379739704143

Currency Source: www.oanda.com

*Doesn’t include annuity vendor or firm service fee

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