IP Forecaster Updates Coming on March 24

IP Forecaster

This week, we give you a sneak peek at Client Planner for firms and Strategic Planner for companies. Launching in Q2, these products will move beyond forecasting and estimation to bring Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) capabilities to IP.

It was a busy week – we also improved our EP maintenance forecasting and added translation capabilities.

Let’s take a look!

Sneak Peek: Client Planner and Strategic Planner

IP Forecaster

In April, firms are going to be able to easily help their clients align portfolio activities with their financial goals. Then, in June, companies will have access to a new set of portfolio tools that speed complex financial decisions. Import data from any IPMS, integrate your fee schedules and costs. Add assumptions to historical data and plan future growth. Mike drop.

IP Forecaster Update: EPC Maintenance Improvements

IP Forecaster

This week, we’ve taken the time to make our EPC and Unitary maintenance fee handling more robust. You can now adjust your average time to grant for your EP application and everything adjusts automatically from your EP application through to your validation/extension states.

IP Forecaster: Improved Translation Flexibility

IP Forecaster

We’ve made it easier to incorporate costs from translation vendors into your forecasts. Simply set up the costs for a vendor and access them within the translation optimizer. Compare cost estimates between your vendors and firms and pick the right option for your client.

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