It’s May and IP Conferences Are Back!


It’s Spring (in the US and EU) and that means it’s conference time! For the first time in a couple of years, IP professionals are getting back together to network, catch up and generally reconnect with peers and colleagues that they haven’t seen in quite some time. 

While many of the IP conferences still have some type of a virtual option, the emphasis this year is decidedly in-person. 

May is a busy time of year for conference attendees, with major get togethers for both patent and trademark professionals. To help keep track of what’s going on, we’ve compiled a list of the major IP events taking place in May.


While it technically started in April, the INTA annual conference is worth mentioning regardless of which month it starts in. This year's conference takes place in Washington DC and wraps up on May 4. Next year, the international trademark conference will move back to its international rotation, with the 2023 conference being held in Singapore.

Dates: April 30 to May 4

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This popular conference for patent search professionals kicked off on the first of May in Alexandria VA. Interestingly, the in-person sessions and the virtual presentations are two weeks apart, with the virtual sessions starting on May 11.

In-Person Sessions: May 1 to May 4
Virtual Sessions: May 11 to May 12

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This online conference for European patent litigators and attorneys will be heavily focused on the upcoming Unified Patent. Agenda items include preparing for the Unitary Patent System, litigation strategies and the ongoing political and legal state of the Unified Patent Court.

Virtual Sessions: May 4 to May 6

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While not exactly an IP conference, this extremely popular Legal Ops conference attracts a large number of IP Operations professionals. After a couple of years of virtual conferences, CLOC is back at the Bellagio and all signs point towards extremely strong attendance with more than 2,000 registrants, 200 speakers and 75 sessions. INTA has historically been known as the conference with the best parties, this year, CLOC is likely to challenge that record...

Dates: May 9 to May 12

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After the IP Ops professionals get back from Vegas, the patent attorneys will travel to New Orleans to explore the challenges of working in a virtual environment, as well as international best practices and how WIPO's Green Initiative will impact practitioners. Patent attorneys in New Orleans - what could go possibly wrong? Actually, probably not much, they are patent attorneys after all.

Dates: May 16 to May 19

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This staple for West Coast patent professionals is back after a COVID-induced hiatus. IP Counsel Cafe is notable for its attendee list made up of Chief IP Counsels from some of the world's biggest IP holders. This year's agenda will have a decidedly international focus, covering global portfolio management, foreign filing strategies and global litigation strategies.

Dates: May 18 to May 19

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Check out the full year IP conference schedule here: Upcoming Events

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