July PCT and Madrid IP Fee Updates

IP Currency Costs and IP fee updates

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PTOs are squeezing in a few more IP fee updates before Summer arrives, so this week, we have a mixture of PCT and Madrid fee changes coming. The PCT is also gaining a new member—say “Bienvenidos” to Uruguay!

Uruguay Joins Patent Cooperation Treaty

Uruguay Flag

On June 11, 2024, the Uruguayan Parliament approved Uruguay’s accession to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

Once the legislation is enacted, it will take several months to formalize procedures and costs – stay tuned!


PCT Fee Increases Coming to Austria

Austria Flag

IP Fee Updates Effective July 1:

  • Annex D – International Searching Authority

    • Search fee (PCT Rule 16):

      • Will increase from 1,710 CFH to 1,758 CHF

      • Will increase from 1,775 EUR to 1,845 EUR

      • Will increase from 2,536,00 KRW to 2,713,000 KRW

      • Will increase from 2,565 SGD to 2,671 SGD

      • Will increase from 1,870 USD to 1,974 USD

      • Will increase from 35,770 ZAR to 36,230 ZAR

    • Additional search fee (PCT Rule 40.2):

      • Will increase from 1,775 EUR to 1,845 EUR


PCT Fee Decrease Coming to Israel

IP Fee Updates Effective July 1:

  • Annex C – Receiving Office

    • International filing fee:

      • Will decrease from 1,562 USD to 1,457 USD

    • Fee per sheet above 30:

      • Will decrease from 18 USD to 16 USD

    • Electronic filing reduction (the request in character-coded format):

      • Will decrease from 235 USD to 219 USD

    • Electronic filing reduction (the request, description, claims, and abstract in character-coded format):

      • Will decrease from 352 USD to 329 USD

Madrid Fee Increase Coming to Turkey

IP Fee Updates Effective July 26:

  • Applications/Subsequent Designations are increasing:

    • From 76 CHF to 160 CHF for the first class of goods or services

    • From 21 CHF to 46 CHF for the second class

    • From 24 CHF to 51 CHF for each additional class

  • Renewal Fees are also increasing:

    • From 69 CHF to 141 CHF, independent of the number of classes

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