Prokurio IP Forecaster Updates: February 11

IP Forecaster

This week’s focus has been on IP Forecaster usability. With all the new features we’ve added over the last couple of months, the interface was becoming a hot mess. This week, we introduce a new, optimized request screen that is much cleaner, yet still has all the features you need. Priority handling and translations have also had upgrades.

Let’s take a look at this week’s updates!

IP Forecaster: Improved Forecast Request Interface

IP Forecaster request

We’ve added a lot of features to IP Forecaster over the last couple of months, so the screens were getting to be a hot mess. No more! We’ve introduced a new interface with tabs for less frequently used, but important features. Now, application details are immediately available and optional fees are just a click away.

IP Forecaster Update: Simplified Priority Workflow

IP Forecaster Priority

We added the ability to manage law firm fees for multiple priorities in November, but, as we’ve used it over the last couple of months, we’ve come to hate the way we implemented it. So, we made it 100% more awesome this week. You now have one spot to enter your number of priorities and it will pull together all your associate and PTO costs. Simple. Clean. Done.

IP Forecaster: New PCT Receiving Office/Translation Capabilities

IP Forecaster Translation

We now track the languages the various receiving offices allow and monitor your application language to automatically launch the translation optimizer when needed. You can then select your preferred translation source and Prokurio automatically calculates all of the associate and translation costs.

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