Our Q2 IP Cost Estimation Roadmap is Ready!

Prokurio Roadmap

We regularly share our roadmap so that our clients know how we are investing their subscription dollars/euros. This week, we thought we’d give everyone a preview of the new things coming to our IP cost estimation platform throughout the remainder of Q2. You won’t be disappointed!

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IP Cost Estimation: Madrid Protocol – May 1

Next week, we’ll be rolling out forecasting for Madrid Protocol applications, subsequent designations, and renewals. We’ve created a new user interface specifically for this workflow. This new feature will be free for all IP Forecaster clients.

Client Planner – Early May

IP Forecaster

This new portfolio planning tool will make it easy for firms to incorporate portfolio data into cost forecasts for clients. Firms will be able to help their clients create budgets and manage cash flow. This new module will be a $5,000 add-on for IP Forecaster clients.

IP Cost Estimation: Designs – Middle of May

design IP cost estimation

In late May, we’ll launch our Design Forecaster, a special-purpose IP cost estimation tool designed to forecast costs for national and international designs. This new feature will be free for all IP Forecaster clients.

PTO Data Integration – End of May

Public data

We’re developing several new features that will eliminate data entry and pull data directly from global PTOs. Our first new feature will retrieve patent application details from PTOs (when available) to eliminate the need to look up priority dates or the number of pages and claims. This new feature will be free for all IP Forecaster clients.

Strategic Planner – Middle of June

client planner

This portfolio planning tool for companies will make it easy to combine portfolio and IP cost data to speed the decision-making process. Pruning and budgeting tools will make it easy to explore options and analyze options and outcomes. This new subscription will be available for $15,000, $25,000, or $50,000 depending upon portfolio size and planning options selected.

Practicelink Integration – End of June

Prokurio Roadmap

We have partnered with Quartz IP to integrate IP Forecaster into PracticeLink. PracticeLink users will be able to create and link forecasts within matters or within PracticeLink workflows.  This new feature will be free for all PracticeLink and IP Forecaster clients.

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