Prokurio Site Updates: January 21

IP Forecaster

This week, we rolled out updates that refine our PCT forecasting functionality and improve the platform’s general usability and efficiency.

Let’s take a look!

IP Forecaster: PCT Workflow Improvements

IP Forecaster fee linking

When linking custom fees to PTO fees, it was hard to find the right fee if a PTO had different fees for entity size and transmission time (like the US). Now, we give you all the information you could ask for – making it easy to link your custom fee to a PTO fee.

Platform Update: Easier Associate Fee Customization

IP Forecaster

Many international associates charge additional fees based on the number of claims. This week, we’ve made adding and configuring claims-based fees easy. Simply click “Claims-based pricing,” and you can configure the cost for additional sets of claims.

IP Forecaster: Client-specific Fees in Trademark Forecasts

IP Forecaster trademark fees

Late last year, we added the ability to have client-specific fees in patent forecasts. We have now brought the same functionality to trademarks, allowing you to configure client-specific fees, discounts, and even client-specific associates.

Like this kind of stuff?

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