Things Are Starting to Bloom at Prokurio!


Spring brings new beginnings and new growth, so Prokurio is celebrating by launching some new stuff!

First, we kick things off with our new Jumpstart Competitive Upgrade. This program makes it easy (and cost-effective) for your firm to transition off an old Forecaster/Estimator tool – even if you have one, two, or three years left on your contract!

We’re also going to give you a sneak peek at a major new portfolio cost planning product launching for firms in April and companies in June.

Let’s see what Spring has brought!

Jumpstart Competitive Upgrade Program


We’ve been working with several firms who want to upgrade to IP Forecaster but are locked into a long-term agreement with another forecasting/estimating solution.  Together, we’ve been able to develop a great program, and now, we’re opening it up to any firm, on any competitive product, with any remaining contract term.

Simply subscribe to our Jumpstart Program and you’ll receive IP Forecaster at no cost through the term of your current agreement. Take advantage of unlimited forecasts immediately and sunset your legacy solution on your schedule. Won’t it be fun to finally be in control?

Sound interesting? Shoot an email to and we’ll provide all the details!

Client Planner for Firms


In April, firms are going to be able to help their clients align portfolio strategies with their financial goals. Leverage data from your IPMS to help clients answer critical portfolio questions, like “What can we defer until next year and what are the financial impacts?” or “What are our licensed matters going to cost us in 2025?”

Client Planner can import data from any IPMS and includes APIs that enable integration with Salesforce and other open platforms.

Strategic Planner for Companies


In June, companies will have access to a new generation of IP-focused Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) tools that will speed and simplify complex financial decisions. Import data from any IPMS and add your associate fee schedules and you are ready to go.

You can leverage historical data and create models for planned activities that can inform budgets, foreign filing, and pruning decisions for business units, products or regions – and that is just the beginning!

Strategic Planner will work with any IPMS and includes APIs that enable integration with Salesforce and other open platforms.

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