IP Forecaster Updates: December 17th

IP Forecaster

We continue to enhance our APIs and support for external systems. This week, we added multi-country support to our API and released our Salesforce integration toolkit – making it easy for anyone using Salesforce to deploy a forecasting solution tailored to their IPMS and requirements.

Let’s see what else has been updated!

IP Forecaster: Salesforce Integration Toolkit

IP Forecaster

Leveraging our API toolkit, we’ve created the first of several pre-built Salesforce modules that will enable organizations using Salesforce to integrate forecasting capabilities into their system quickly. Use our toolkit and get up and running quickly, or develop something custom using our APIs.

IP Forecaster: Expanded API Support

IP Forecaster

Last week, we released our first API, which enabled users to integrate basic cost forecasts into systems outside of Prokurio. This week, we’ve expanded that capability, and now you can forecast complex route scenarios through our API. Send Prokurio a list of countries, and it will return the optimum filing route and project costs for each phase.

IP Forecaster: Improved Results and Export Layouts

IP Forecaster

We are making many small adjustments and fine-tuning our results and output screens. Numbers are all right-justified, and we now show the expected year for costs for all items.

IP Forecaster: Bug Fixes

IP Forecaster

We don’t just make new things! We fixed a bug preventing users from changing the currency on the invoice setup screen and also addressed an issue where custom law firm fees weren’t showing the firm name in the maintenance section of the forecast results screen.

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