Prokurio IP Forecaster Updates: September 3rd

IP Cost Estimation Updates

This week, we focused on efficiency and simplicity within IP Forecaster. We revamped our client and law firm fee screens, reduced the mouse clicks needed to get simple forecasts, and cleaned up our Unitary Patent Forecast results presentation.

Let’s see what was updated!

IP Forecaster: Simplified Client Fee Screen

New Client Screen

Our original client screen had several fields that aren’t needed for IP Cost forecasting. In discussions with clients, there isn’t a need to store much information about the client for forecasting purposes, so we cleaned up the screen and removed all unnecessary fields. 

IP Forecaster: Simplified Law Firm Fee Screen

law firm screens

We gave the law firm screen the same treatment as the client screen. Now, you only have a couple of fields that you need to worry about and the maintenance screen is much cleaner and simpler to update. 

IP Forecaster: Improved Unitary Fee Output

IP Forecaster Unitary Screen

Version 1 of our Unitary Forecast output produced a long list of countries that took up a lot of screen real estate. We’ve compressed the countries into a more compact area, making room for other important forecast details. 

IP Forecaster: Better Workflow

IP Forecaster efficiency update

We are making the system smarter to avoid asking questions that don’t need to be asked. Doing an EP filing with coverage in Spain? We know that the only option is the traditional route, so, we take you right to the results without showing the Route Finder. 

Like this kind of stuff?

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