New United Arab Emirate patent fees and Georgian EP Validation Options

Patent Fees

January starts strong with new fees coming to the United Arab Emirates and the introduction of the EP validation process in Georgia. This week, we will give you the highlights of the UAE updates. Stay tuned as we confirm the details with our associates.

Happy New Year!

United Arab Emirates Patent Fee Increases

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Cabinet Resolution No. (112) will take effect on January 15th, introducing several new fees into the patent system. We’re confirming the fee impacts, but here is what we know so far:

  • There will be new annual maintenance fees (currently, there are none)
  • There will be a maximum of 50 claims allowed in applications
  • There will be a tiered structure for examination pricing based on the number of claims
  • There will be a new series of optional fees, including fees for accelerated examination and amendments

Georgia EP Validation Option


Beginning January 15th, IP owners can validate EP patents in Georgia by paying a 200 EUR validation fee to the EPO and submitting a translation of the full application (in Georgian). Renewal fees for validated patents are payable to the Georgian Patent Office, following the same schedule used for national patents.

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