Patent Fee Updates: July 22


A slow week for patent fee updates

There weren’t a lot of patent fee updates this week, but the PCT applicant guide highlighted a couple of PCT fee updates, so we have a bit to talk about. You can find the full guide here: PCT Applicant Guide.

All of the fee updates take effect on September 1. China’s update is pretty straightforward, but several updates have been published in the last several weeks concerning Japan Patent fees – to keep your head from exploding, we’ve consolidated everything into one update. 

Let’s see what’s changing!

China PCT Fee Updates Effective September 1

China’s updates in the PCT Applicant Guide can be found in Annex D – International Searching Authority. 

The Search Fee (PCT Rule 16) will decrease from 283 EUR to 265 EUR. 

And that is it…

Japan PCT Fee Updates Effective September 1

japan patent fees

Japan has a lot more going on, all effective September 1. 

In Annex C – Receiving Office:

  • The International Filing Fee increases from 195,000 JPY to 214, 200 JPY
  • The Fee per sheet in excess of 30 increases from 2,200 JPY to 2,400 JPY
  • Electronic Filing increases from 44,000 JPY to 48,300 JPY


In Annex D – International Searching Authority, the Search Fee (PCT Rule 16) for international applications filed in Japanese but paid in EUR, KRW, or USD is decreasing:

  • The EUR cost decreases from 1,011 EUR to 953 EUR
  • THE KRW cost decreases from 1,434,000 KRW to 1,287,000 KRW
  • The USD cost decreases from 1,080 USD to 988 USD


For international applications filed in English or for which a translation has been furnished under PCT Rule 12.3:

  • The EUR cost decreases from 1,195 EUR to 1,127 EUR
  • The USD cost decreases from 1,277 USD to 1,167 USD


In Annex E – International Preliminary Examining Authority

  • The Handling Fee increases from 29,300 JPY to 32,200 JPY

Want more of this kind of stuff? Take A Look Here!

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