Updated PCT Patent Fees For Singapore


A Slow Week of updates to patent fees

Updates to patent fees this week are few and far between, a minor update planned for Singapore is all we have to report this week. 

Singapore PCT Patent Fees Updated Effective November 1

This week’s PCT applicant guide highlighted some updates to patent fees in Singapore, effective November 1.

Highlights of the changes:

  • In Annex C: Search fee (PCT Rule 16), the international search fee increases from SGD 1,932 to SGD 2,052.
  • The fee per sheet over 30 increases from SGD 22 to SGD 23.
  • Electronic filing (the request in character-coded format) increases from SGD 291 to SGD 309.
  • Electronic filing (the request, description, claims, and abstract in character coded format) increases from SGD 436 to SGD 463.
  • In Annex E – International Preliminary Examining Authority, the handling fee (PCT Rule 57.1) increases from SGD 291 to SGD 309.

You Can Access the PCT Applicant Guide Here:

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