Indian and Egyptian Patent Fee Changes

Patent fee

India just introduced a pretty big change regarding Requests for Examination and Workings. This week, we cover those, plus some PCT-related patent fee updates in Egypt. Let’s check it out! India Patent Fee Updates Effective from March 15, 2024 The Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2024, and the Patent (Second Amendment) Rules, 2024 took effect on March […]

Madrid Fee Updates Coming April 28

patent and trademark fees

Fee updates this week are limited to a few updates to Madrid Protocol trademark fees. The good news with this fee update is that they are all decreasing! We don’t get to say that very often.  Enjoy! Bahrain Madrid Fee Updates Effective from April 28, 2024 Application Fee Trademark application costs for each class of […]

USPTO Publishes Changes to 2025 Patent Fees

Patent Fees

Changes Coming to US Patent Fees On April 3rd, the USPTO published the proposed changes to patent fees for 2025. You can find information on the proposal here. The rationale behind the changes is “to provide the USPTO with sufficient aggregate revenue to recover the aggregate costs of patent operations in future years”.  In addition […]

USPTO Publishes 2025 Changes to Trademark Fees

Patent Fee

Changes Coming to US Trademark Fees On March 26th, the USPTO published the proposed changes to trademark fees for 2025. You can find information on the proposal here. The rationale behind the changes is far beyond the scope of what can be covered here, but we’ve highlighted some of the updates below. In addition to […]

EPC/PCT Fee Updates for April

Patent Fee

As you (hopefully) are aware, EP fees will be increasing on the 1st of April. The PCT applicant’s guide has just been updated with the PCT fee-related changes – this week we summarize those updates.  Enjoy! EPO PCT Fee Update effective from April 1, 2024 EPO Fee Highlights : In Annex C – Receiving Office […]

Change to Lebanon Trademark Fees and Renewal Term

Trademark Fees

Lebanon provided us with the only IP fee-related topic this week. This one is notable due to the shortening of the term for new trademarks. Let’s check it out! Lebanon Trademark Fees Update On February 15, 2024, Lebanon enacted Budget Law No. 324, which introduced changes to the costs and the duration of trademark protection. […]

A Quiet Week for Patent or Trademark Fee Updates

patent or trademark fee

All quiet on fee update front Not a lot of fee-related news coming from PTOs this week. In the category of “not so new news”, everyone should know about the EPO fee increase taking effect on April 1 – you’ve got a couple more weeks to pre-pay those annuity payments! We’ll be back next week […]

Recap of Patent & Trademark Fee Increases for Norway

patent and trademark fees

After a couple of quiet weeks with light fee updates, Norway kicked March off with a healthy update to all IP fees. Fees increased roughly 30% across the board for designs, patents & trademarks. Here are the updates! Norway Update Effective from March 1, 2024 Patent Updates Patent application costs (including EP transfers) increased from […]

Russian PCT Updates and New UAE Patent Fees

Patent Fees

Last Friday’s PCT Applicant Guide update only had one small change listed for Russia. We also heard about additional patent fees taking effect in the United Arab Emirates that will allow an examiner to issue amended fees during the examination phase – more to come on that as we get more details.  Here’s what’s changing […]

Israel and India PCT Fee Updates Coming

IP Forecaster

A Light Week of PCT Updates Last week was quiet (for fees), but things are picking back up! This week, we have a few small PCT Patent fee updates coming to Israel and India.  Let’s see what will be changing! Israel PCT Patent Fees Update Effective from March 1, 2024 Highlights of the Israel Updates: […]

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