China Hague Design Fees Decreasing October 1


Summer Break from Patent and Trademark Fee Updates

No new patent or trademark fee updates were announced this week, but a minor update to Hague Design fees was announced for China. Check out the details below!

China Hague Design Fees Updated Effective October 1

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On August 8th, in accordance with the Hague Agreement, WIPO announced fee updates for international applications in which China is designated and updates to the fees for the renewal of international registrations designating China:

  • The individual designation fee will decrease from 603 CHF (Swiss Francs) to 497 CHF per application. 

  • Renewal costs for the first renewal will decrease from 1,117 CHF to 922 CHF. The second renewal will decrease from 2,205 CHF to 1,820 CHF.

Current Hague Design Fees Can Be found here:

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