PCT Patent Fee Updates: August 5th


Death by a Thousand Small Patent Fee Updates Several patent fee updates were announced this week, but nothing will break your budget. Most were inflation adjustments for PCT searches.  You can find the full guide here: PCT Applicant Guide. Except for Mongolia and the UK, all fee updates take effect on September 1.    Let’s […]

Patent Fee Updates: July 22


A slow week for patent fee updates There weren’t a lot of patent fee updates this week, but the PCT applicant guide highlighted a couple of PCT fee updates, so we have a bit to talk about. You can find the full guide here: PCT Applicant Guide. All of the fee updates take effect on […]

IP Financial Friday: Gender Parity in Patents


WIPO: Innovation Gender Parity Gap Shrinking Slowly WIPO’s April World IP Day theme was “Women and IP: Accelerating Innovation and Creativity.” This week, they followed up with a detailed report showing that the percentage of women inventors is increasing, but gender parity is decades away and will vary substantially by region. Only 38 More Years […]

IP Financial Friday: Annuity and Renewal Contract


You have a Contract Problem, not a Currency Problem Over the last several years, there’s been a lot of discussion about currency costs in maintenance invoices. There’s no doubt that many annuity and renewal invoices include above-market costs for currency (which we can confirm based on analyzing many millions of dollars of Q3 invoices), but […]

June Currency Summary


Currency costs can be a substantial portion of international intellectual property service charges. We’re showcasing the Euro and Dollar this week to update you on these changing costs. Stay tuned for our June currency deep dives next week! June Currency Update: Increased Cost of EUR for USD-Invoiced Clients High: 1.09774 (June 22)  Low: 1.0699 (June […]

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