Chile Madrid Trademark fee decrease coming

Trademark Fee

Chile Madrid Trademark Fee Decrease Coming There weren’t a lot of trademark fee updates this week – one small inflation-related decrease in Chile for Madrid Protocol Applications and Renewals. Big or small, we cover them all! Enjoy! Chile Madrid Fee Updates Effective Dec 30, 2023 Below are highlights of Chile Madrid trademark fee changes: Applications […]

3 Tips for IP Teams to End 2023 Strongly

Tips for IP Teams

Let the insanity begin! First-quarter annuity invoices are about to arrive; everyone is rushing to finalize filings and get those office action responses in before the year-end holidays and vacations, and budgets still need to be finalized. This week, we’re slowing things down and giving you our top 3 tips for IP Teams to end […]

Madrid Trademark fees decreasing for Japan and Syria

Trademark Fees

Madrid Fee Decrease For Japan and Syria This week, we saw several inflation-related Madrid Trademark fee decreases for Japanese and Syrian applications and renewals. Check out the updates below! Japan Madrid Fee Updates Effective Dec 23, 2023 Below are highlights of Japanese Madrid trademark fee changes: Applications will decrease from 304 CHF to 266 CHF […]

Russia, EP, and OAPI Hague Design fee updates coming


Russia, EP, and OAPI Hague Design fee updates coming Hague Design fees don’t change very often, but this week, we received notification of updates coming in January for Russia, the European Union, and OAPI. Let’s see what’s changing! Russian Federation Hague Design Fees Updated Effective January 2024 WIPO announced fee updates for international applications in […]

IP Currency Costs: More Than a Maintenance Issue

IP Currency Costs

Over the past several years, we’ve seen a significant focus on improving currency cost controls for patent annuities and trademark renewals but comparatively less on other IP costs, like applications. This week, we dig into strategies for controlling some of these other currency costs. Currency Control Strategies Maintenance costs are a substantial portion of the […]

Australia and Finland Madrid Trademark Fee Decreases

Trademark Fee

Madrid Fee Decrease For Australia And Finland Another light week of fee updates this week. We have a couple of fee decreases and not much else to talk about. More time to eat turkey and watch the Lions win finally on a Thanksgiving Day football game. If you are in the US, you will know […]

Prokurio – a Year of Adventure!


This is a big week for Prokurio – we’re attending our first conference and recently celebrated our one-year birthday. Given all this, we thought this week we’d take a moment to celebrate how far we’ve come and share a bit about where we are going. Let’s go! A Bunch of Thanks When I started Prokurio, […]

Madrid Fee Increase for Colombia

Trademark Fees

Madrid Fee Increase for Colombia There was only one fee update this week – a fairly sizable increase to Madrid trademark fees for Colombia. Check out the details below! Colombia Madrid Trademark Fee Updates Effective January 2024 Below are highlights of Colombia Madrid trademark fee changes: Madrid applications will increase from 274 CHF to 364 […]

Trademark Fee Increase Coming to Argentina

Trademark Fee

Trademark Fee Increase Coming to Argentina Argentina won the “biggest fee increase of the week” award with its planned increase in December. It also won the “only trademark fee increase of the week” -there weren’t a lot of other updates. Let’s see what’s changing in Argentina! Argentina Trademark Fee Updates Effective Dec 1, 2023 Below […]

Currency Preview for Q1 Patent Annuities

Patent Annuities

Invoices for patent annuities due in the first quarter of 2024 will arrive in one month, so we thought we’d check in with the currency markets* and see how currency costs for international payments compare with last year’s. Let’s take a look at some of the most common scenarios! For United States IP owners with […]

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