Your First Patent Cost Estimate

IP Forecaster allows you to create and share detailed patent cost forecasts for one or more jurisdictions. Your patent cost estimate can also be fine-tuned to include optional or ad-hoc fees as the situation warrants.

Video Overview: Creating Your First Forecast #

Getting Started #

You have two primary ways to start a new Patent Forecast:

  • First, from the dashboard at the top under Create New Forecast, simply click the button labeled “Patent”. This will take you directly to the Patent Forecast Request screen.
  • Alternatively, in the sidebar to the left, click on IP Forecaster, then click on Patents. This loads the main Patent Forecasts screen that will show a searchable listing of any of your saved Patent Forecasts.
  • Clicking on the orange button labeled “Add Patent Forecast” will take you directly to the same Patent Forecast Request screen mentioned above.
patent cost estimate screen
image 8

Estimating Filing Costs #

Let’s estimate the filing costs for a United States patent application! #

  • From the Patent Forecast Request screen, first select your Starting Point of United States. You can use type-ahead to narrow the list of countries and either arrow to your selection and hit the enter key or click on the country to select it.

Curious about the Publication Number field and Retrieve button? If you have an existing application, you can retrieve its application details by filling in the publication number and clicking retrieve. This is handy for EP validation, National Stage Entry and Paris Convention estimates.

  • The system knows the application details that affect the price of the application and provides you with fields to enter the relevant application details. Since this is a new application, the details will be empty. For our application, we’ll enter 15 total claims, 3 independent claims, and 50 pages.
  • If you would like to add additional countries or custom groups of countries you may do that as well. Filing route options are determined based on the combinations of countries selected. Total claims, independent claims and pages are required and must be entered to proceed.
  • Lastly, to the right of the screen under settings, is the Priority Date and anticipated Application Date, cost options (default is include all) and more settings. In this example let’s toggle each cost off so that you only get the application costs in your forecast results.
  • More settings allows you to set the currency of your forecast, transmission method, entity size, forecast start date, forecast duration (default is 30 years) and application language.
  • Click on the Create Forecast button to generate your forecast.
  • Congratulations! You’ve just completed your first patent cost estimate. You will initially see a high-level summary, but clicking on the arrow by the country and phases allows you to expand those sections for more detail.
  • If you need to make changes, simply click on the Edit button at the bottom to be taken back to the parameters screen.
  • If you want to do a new patent cost estimate, simply click on the New button to start over.

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